Fly Protective Leg Wraps / Leggings For Horses, Straight Style Set Of Two, Black
Fly Protective Leg Wraps / Leggings For Horses, Straight Style Set Of Two, Black

Fly Protective Leg Wraps / Leggings For Horses, Straight Style Set Of Two, Black

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Handmade Fly protection leg wraps from Snowy Mountain Horse Shop.
Do you have a problem with flies? Botflies ?
Reduce your fly-spray cost and switch to a simple chemical free anti - fly solution!

The horse is a large animal with a very small enemy….the fly . Your horses best defense against those little bothersome insects is movement and their ability to twitch their skin. Most of the horse’s body is covered in a layer of pannucilus muscles under the skin. These are the muscles that enable the skin to move. There are no panniculus muscles in the head, neck, spinal, tail area and lower legs.
To remove flies in the lower leg areas with continuous foot stomping might lead to horseshoe loss and will put extra stress on the joints. Our fly protection leg wraps can be worn 24/7 with no problem.
Get your horse ready for the fly season!

Snowy Mountain’s fly protection leg wraps are made by heavy duty Phifertex vinyl coated polyester yarn mesh that has a shade factor up to 75 % , resistant to mildew, stains, fading and are super easy to clean. Just turn your horse out to the pasture with your new Snowy Mountain fly wraps and stop worrying about the fly problem!

We have a large color selection, choose from the following : black, blue, green, gray, yellow, red and orange.
We also offer the following colors made by order : white, almond, garden green, navy, salsa red, gray sand.

The fly wraps are coming in two styles:
Straight and tapered. Both styles are made with well reinforced stress points, 2" Velcro fastener that runs up and down and gives enough space to adjust them well to your horse's legs. They are also stuffed with plastic stays to give them a hold and prevent slippage.The wraps are finished with 1" heavy duty outdoor fabric binding.

Straight style leg wrap dimensions are 14" x 13" for the front legs.
If your horse will move around more we recommend leaving the top of the wraps more loose. The two inch Velcro fastener will provide enough space for that.
Tapered style leg wrap dimensions are 14" tall and 17" wide on the top and 14" wide on the bottom unwrapped for the front legs .


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We also accept custom orders if you need a different size or color, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Snowy Mountain Horse Shop